My Posti Experience

Natalia Harala

Summer Intern

The joy of being outside and enjoying the summer – Natalia's summer at Posti is made of them! Natalia started working at Posti as a summer intern at the beginning of summer 2020. She is working at Posti for the first time as a seasonal worker and plans to continue working in the autumn. Posti has almost 2,000 summer interns in the summer of 2020!

Natalia works as a mail deliverer in the Helsinki area. Her workday begins with preparations indoors, after which she rides a scooter on her own route to deliver the day’s mail and delight customers.

Natalia decided to apply to Posti for a summer job because she wanted to do something more physical and functional after her studies during the spring. The start of work has gone well and already in the first week Natalia got on the route to deliver mail with her more experienced colleague. Gradually, the work has given her an overall picture of how mail goes from sender to recipient:

“Mail doesn`t just magically come behind the door, it involves a lot of different work steps. This is a really valuable experience in the sense that one can see how everything works in such a big company,” she says.

Natalia's work combines teamwork and independent work in a way that suits her. In the morning one can chat and catch up with colleagues. There are work assignments in the preparations, where one needs to work well together with colleagues in order to get the work done. On the delivery route, on the other hand, one can enjoy the independence of the work. Natalia says that her team is nice.

“We have really great people here, it’s nice to be in this group. We have a cheerful mood, even though we work hard. I have colleagues of different ages and backgrounds, which I think is really nice,” Natalia says.

Natalia thinks that the best thing about her job is to be able to delight customers, work in a great group and enjoy the summer.

“The relevance of my own work has begun to take shape here during the first few weeks. I feel that we are doing important work at Posti. In addition, in this work I get to be outside and at the same time enjoy the great summer weather,” Natalia rejoices.

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