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A Software Project Between Aalto University and Posti

Aalto University Students Share Their Experiences on Posti’s Collaboration Project

Posti participated in a Software Project course arranged by Aalto University that lasted for half a year. The course included project management, requirements specification, design, coding, quality assurance, and system delivery. In this course, a team of seven students used Scrum framework to evaluate Expo - universal application platform by creating a proof of concept for a Posti service. The student team that collaborated with Posti got in the top two teams of the course.

Through working on this project, the students learned new things about Posti. They were impressed by Posti’s flexibility and support on the project, such as taking care of all the necessities like providing a working space and food during the project.

The students gained a lot of technical knowledge such as developing a universal React application, testing, Git, and CI/CD. In addition, it had improved everyone’s teamwork and communication skills since it involved working with a variety of stakeholders. The student team also learned what Scrum is all about and what kind of benefits it can offer. Last but not least, they gained many engineering and working practices to apply in software projects also in the future. While working on the project, the students discovered business-to-business and internal applications that Posti needs to develop and maintain, besides Posti's popular service - OmaPosti.

During the project, the students also discovered new perspectives of Posti as a company and an employer; they realized that Posti is not only about delivering mail anymore but provides a variety of services. This opportunity also brought to knowledge that Posti has a versatile IT Department which offers career opportunities for a diverse pool of professionals to create future digital services. One of the students also pointed out that Posti gave an impression to have a good working environment, since the Posti employees who were part of the project created relaxed atmosphere, were easy to work with and were knowledgeable in technical topics.

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