My Posti Experience

Juho Paasonen

Head of Design

Shaping a Better Customer Experience - Juho Paasonen spreads design thinking at Posti and wants to do business on people’s terms. His team develops Posti's different channels with service design principles; the goal is to make people’s lives easier through a better customer experience.
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Juho is responsible for multi-channel service design across the entire company. In practice, his job is to reflect on how the customer experience can be shaped in all Posti’s channels as well and as unified way as possible. In addition, Juho helps businesses consider how things can be done better with design thinking.  

“My team’s job is to package different challenges which are then solved together with other teams. My mission is to support designers and create an atmosphere where people can succeed in the best possible way”, Paasonen says.  

The effect of Juho’s work is tangible, as the result of the work is directly visible to the customer. What drives the whole Posti team, Juho says, is the chance to make people’s lives easier. Juho enjoys the versality of the work and the broad scope of his own job; its great to be able to influence how things are done. Sparring and supporting others are also important: 

“I’m grateful to be able to support the development of my own designers. I have no need to put myself in the spotlight”, he adds.   

 Collaboration throughout the Organisation 

When designers get to work, collaboration is at the heart of everything. Work is done continuously in close operation with business owners and other teams, throughout the organisation. The best thing about Posti, Juho maintains, is the natural willingness of people to join forces and organise themselves in the interests of customers. When Juho joined Posti from Google, he was positively surprised with the openness of the working environment.  

”The way of doing things at Posti is very open. Here we also discuss difficulties, and everyone takes responsibility for their own decisions.” 

Juho also regularly sorts mail in the distribution centre to maintain contact with the field in order to keep contact with people’s lives throughout the organization. Juho describes the atmosphere in the company as straightforward: things are taken seriously, but the team members don’t take themselves too seriously.  

Learning and Applying New Things at the Core of Work 

Designers do not need to be experts in each respective area  their job is to bring different teams together, identify challenges and find solutions through service design.  

“Our work is to learn and apply ideas all the time. At Posti, everyone, at every level of the organisation, appreciates new perspectives. If something goes wrong somewhere, we try to learn from mistakes”, adds Juho. 

He is a people person, and that guides his work. In a bigger pictureJuho sees Posti as an indispensable logistics operator that is integrated into Finnish everyday life in many different ways. New business areas are being developed alongside the traditional postal operations. Ultimately, however, everything comes down to how Posti can make life easier for people and provide solutions for customers. Posti has always acted as a mediator for things and meanings, connecting people and reducing the distance between them. That is how things will stay in the future also, Juho feels. “Ultimately, the focus should be on people; business must be done on human terms.”  

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