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Student Projects Offer the Opportunity to Challenge Current Ways of Working and Innovate

We participate in several student projects every year and offer university students in various fields the opportunity to familiarize with Posti and challenge our existing ways of doing things. Providing students genuine cases to solve brings us fresh ideas and new perspectives to support our own development. Read about project collaboration through Aalto University’s Capstone course.

Aalto University Students Develop the KUSTI Service for Posti  

The closing event for Aalto University’s Capstone Business Development Project, held on 28 November 2018, brought together an enthusiastic group of students and business representatives to hear about what the students had come up with. Nine companies from small start-ups to large publicly listed companies participated in the course. This was the second time that Posti took part in the course. Perttu KähäriProfessor at the School of Economics, thanked the companies for their excellent case works, which allowed students to solve real problems. 

Posti’s challenge for students was to think how ordering services have become more widespread in different fields and what expectations and opportunities this brings to the future of parcel logistics 

 Students’ Wishes for a Parcel Ordering Service  
As part of the project work, the students had done a survey to explain what kind and price of parcel ordering services young people in the 18–29 age group would be willing to use. In addition, the team had benchmarked international ordering service companies and felt it was important that the service not only delivers packages but should also generate emotional value.  

The most important wishes in ordering packages were the ease of use of the service, low price, wide product range and the possibility to influence the place and time of package reception or collection. Various payment methods and the ability to use a mobile phone to track orders were also considered useful. 
When asked about the public’s interest in launching the KUSTI service at the event, half of the audience was immediately ready to test the service for a monthly price of EUR 6,99. 
Posti’s case also spurred students to reflect on the ecology of ordering services. Audience members were keen to hear how increasing the amount of packet distribution affects the size of a person’s carbon footprint. Ecological packaging materials and the minimisation of unnecessary transportation were considered to be important. In KUSTI, the recipient of the package can choose the time that the package was brought to their home, thereby reducing unnecessary visits to the subscriber. 
Case study sponsor Tommi Kässi, from Posti,  was extremely pleased with the course: “Student collaboration is a great way to get a new perspective on service development and increase understanding of potential new market areas. The team was very independent and managed to come up with a concise and informative solution”. 

My Posti Experience

Inka Touru

In Inka Touru’s work, the best moments are when a new solution is developed for a customer and is enthusiastically welcomed. Such experiences of success make work meaningful and stay in mind for a long time. Inka Touru is a Product Manager in Posti’s Digital Commerce unit.

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Juho Paasonen

Juho Paasonen is responsible for promoting design thinking in Posti, and also promoting the desire to do business on people’s own terms. His team develops Posti's different channels with service design methods, with the goal of making people’s lives easier through a better customer experience. Paasonen is responsible for multi-channel service design across the entire company.

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Simo Rikkonen

Simo Rikkonen is particularly excited about his work and being able to work with customers to create solutions that benefit the customer's business. This can sometimes involve a customer expanding their business to a whole new area. As Head of New Sales, Rikkonen is responsible for managing the sales team. 

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