My Posti Experience

Simo Rikkonen

SME Lead

Collaboration for Better Solutions for Customers - Simo Rikkonen is particularly excited about his work when he can work with customers to create solutions that benefit the customer's business. In practice, this can sometimes mean that the customer is expanding into a whole new business area.
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As an SME Lead, Simo is responsible for managing the sales team.  

“We are responsible for the sale of new services and acquiring new customers in Postal Services business group. The scale of services we provide for our customers covers letters, newspapers, distribution products, as well as communications, marketing and digital solutions”, Simo says.  

In Simo’s work, “co-creation”, meaning creating something new together with the customer, is at the heart of what his team does.  

By combining various services and solutions, Simo’s team can help customers to identify and develop new business areas. Clients also receive help with improving their sales, marketing and customer service.  

Making Everyday Life Easier  

For Simo, the relevance of Posti to people in their everyday lives, whether as consumers or companies, and the work community and ways of working are important factors affecting his job satisfaction.  

“I’m particularly motivated by the great influence that Posti has on Finnish society. We really make a difference to people and businesses”, Simo emphasises.  

Posti is Finland’s largest logistics company, with the most comprehensive transportation network in the country. This means that goods are on the move and being delivered 24/7. 

Work in Posti is done in a collaborative spirit, and unnecessary siloes are broken down. In Simo’s team, working together is the number one priority. “We support each other and work together to ensure the best possible outcome for both business customers and consumers”, he explains.  

As the people at Posti are well aware, the diversity of teams contributes to solving challenges. Simo also highlights the diversity in his team. The team members are united by good social skills and commitment to common goals. People are genuinely proud of their employer.  

Looking to the Future 

Simo began his career with OpusCapita, a small company previously owned by Posti. Over the years, Simo has developed into various sales roles. Posti keeps a close eye on changes in the world, and evolves accordingly. By doing new things and experimenting, Posti employees also develop, he maintains:  

“We are following digital development and seeking to consider consumers’ needs and expectations through our own digital solutions in the best possible way. Many people are surprised at what we do and how diverse our offerings are”, says Simo.  

Major changes in the operating environment also mean major changes in Posti. In everyday work, this can be seen in the continuous learning and development of new solutions and services. This means that everyone needs to roll up one’s sleeves and take a bold leap into new areas.

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