My Posti Experience

Timo Korander

Head of Consumer Services

Developing Services of the Future -The best part of Timo Korander’s work is being able to be part of major changes, with the flexibility of Posti’s practices and the development of digital channels. Seeing the success of team members is also rewarding, he says.
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Timo Korander act as a Head of Consumer Services at Posti, with responsibility for the consumer services of the Parcel and e-Commerce business groupTimo is responsible for developing services for consumers, such as the OmaPosti services, as well as consumer-to-consumer parcel services.  

"Our work is really customer-focused and data-driven, and the whole team has a strong desire to develop and innovate. It has also been great to see how long-time Posti employees are so enthusiastic about the new direction and about being part of it”, Timo says.  

Timo wants to make a difference, and also emphasises the social significance of Posti. The company and its employees work to make everyday life easier for people throughout the country and to create a good customer experience, while respecting the environment. With more than a million digital services users in Finland, the impact of Posti on people’s lives is indeed great.  

Mistakes are Essential to Innovation 

The successes of his team and team members are the highlights of Timo’s work, he says. When teams have strong ownership of their own work and when projects or milestones are completed successfully, the successes are celebrated together. And there has been plenty of reason to celebrate, since Timo’s team has grown fast, as has the number of service users. Good results have been achieved by giving teams the freedom and responsibility and empower them to influence things and make independent decisions. Once the direction and goals are defined, teams can decide the ways to achieve these goals.  

Timo believes in self-initiative, solution-orientation and transparency. Work is done according to the lean principles which boils down to three things: creating, measuring and developing. Mistakes are also part of the process.  

“We learn as a team by tolerating mistakes and being open”, says Timo.  

Modern working methods, the latest technologies and a relaxed atmosphere are everyday life in Timo’s team. And that’s how things should be if a company wants to attract the best talent and hold onto it. Colleagues also receive a lot of praise:  

“My colleagues all have a great sense of humour. We take our work seriously, but we also have fun”, Timo adds.  

Timo has a human leadership style in piloting his own team, and he sees maintaining a clear direction and focus as essential part of his work. Although everyone has good drive, Posti also places a lot of importance on wellbeing and on respecting the free time of teammates. That’s what Timo also does in his own life, by spending time with his family, playing sports and enjoying the outdoors. “And there must always be time for football!”  

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