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We are looking for customer service-oriented deliverers across Finland. Because our deliverers serve nearly all Finnish households and companies every day, you will be the most visible part of Posti. The service job combines hard work and exercise with confidential and friendly customer relationships.

A deliverer’s job entails sorting and delivering mail. The working hours vary depending on the day, workstation and assignment. The weekly working days are Monday and Wednesday–Friday, which means you will have Tuesdays and weekends off. You will work a maximum of 30 hours a week. You can also choose to do delivery work only. In this case, your working hours are in the afternoon and the weekly number of hours is approximately 16–20.

We hope you can commit to at least 2–4 shifts per week or, alternatively, working as a deliverer on an on-call basis.

You will work with a car, delivery cart, bicycle or our new electric scooter. The hourly wage is 11.66 € in the capital region and 11.34 € in the rest of Finland.

We Require

  • the ability to work independently
  • good social skills, punctuality and normal general fitness level
  • knowing Finnish is an advantage, but you will also be able to get by with good English skills
  • a driver's license is an advantage.

We Offer You

  • a part-time employment relationship
  • versatile customer service work that keeps you on the move
  • safe and weather-appropriate work clothing
  • the chance to be part of Finland’s leading postal and logistics company.

Please fill out your information on this page and we will contact you. The work will start as soon as possible, so please send us your application without delay.

Please note that for the current moment we do not arrange Open Doors -events at our office and the interviews are held via remote connection such as Skype and WhatsApp, you will receive a separate invitation link via email to an interview.

My Posti Experience

Matti Lehtonen

Working for Posti is like a dream job for Matti Lehtonen. In addition to the varied tasks, there is a good work community and a balance between work and leisure that has always allowed time for his own pursuits. Matti Lehtonen’s role in Posti is a multi-faceted one. He works at the distribution centre in Pori, sorting and distributing the post, but he also transports export service products and makes food deliveries. 

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Anna Sampo

From Christmas worker to Sorting Manager – a place of many opportunities. According to Anna Sampo, the best thing about her job is when someone from her own team develops and succeeds in their work. Anna thinks that it’s never possible to be the perfect supervisor – one has to develop every day. Anna works as a Sorting Manager at the post centre in Helsinki.

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Natalia Harala

The joy of being outside and enjoying the summer – Natalia's summer at Posti is made of them! Natalia started working at Posti as a summer intern at the beginning of summer 2020. She is working at Posti for the first time as a seasonal worker and plans to continue working in the autumn. Posti has almost 2,000 summer interns in the summer of 2020!

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