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We offer a wide range of opportunities for future makers to grow and develop. Cooperation with educational institutions and students is important and rewarding for us, as innovations and insights are generated through collaboration. We also collaborate with universities and educational institutions on a broad scale: we visit lectures, invite students to visit us, collaborate on projects, and offer case assignments to be solved on courses. In addition, every year we offer thousands of summer and seasonal positions, as well as various internships. We believe that with us you will have access to the most interesting jobs in logistics industry and the most relevant regarding your future work life.

Internship Experience at Posti

by School of Business student Markus Hirvola

An internship can help you see what kinds of useful skills you have already learned at school, and what you should continue studying further in the future. Second-year master's student in Information and Service Management Markus Hirvola began his internship at Posti at the beginning of April, when the coronavirus pandemic was picking up speed.
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Tule meille jouluntekijäksi!

Jaamme jouluna miljoonia ilonaiheita koteihin ja tänäkin vuonna meillä on tuhansia jouluntekijöitä. Liity joukkoomme lajittelemaan, jakamaan ja käsittelemään paketteja, kortteja ja jouluiloa.
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Various Opportunities


Several bachelor’s and master’s theses are written annually in different business units in Posti. Often, thesis collaboration starts with internship or summer work.

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Student projects offer the opportunity to challenge existing approaches and innovate. We are engaged and offer annually several student projects in different fields to join Posti and to develop and challenge our existing ways of doing things.

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Internships and on-the-job learnings are great opportunities to gain work experience and working skills already before graduating. Every year, we offer several internships for both higher education students and youth in vocational schools.

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Learning Together

School of Business Alumni Story: Iida Valin

'Interdisciplinarity and versatile possibilities to shape your studies, were definite strengths in Aalto. I believe that studying subjects differing so strongly from each other has helped me in my career. Especially during change situations, since changing my own perspective has been easier,' says our alumna Iida Valin, who works in the communications department of Posti Group, one of School of Business partner companies.

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A Great Opportunity to Learn and Get to Know Each Other

Vice President of Strategy and Communication Maiju Fernelius and Communications Trainee Katariina Honkanen eagerly joined the Posti's Mentoring program. "This is a great opportunity for me to get to know a person who comes from outside the industry and looks at Posti and working life with fresh eyes."

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Flexibility and Learning as Common Values

"This is a journey that requires dedication and being honest with yourself." This is how Yrjö Eskola, Director of Postal Services, answers when asked what Millenial mentoring is like. Trainee, who is new to the house in Millenial mentoring, belongs to the Posti’s Management Team. Yrjö's mentor is Anniina Puhilas, who works in Consumer Postal Services.

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A Software Project Between Aalto University and Posti

Posti participated in a Software Project course arranged by Aalto University that lasted for half a year. The course included project management, requirements specification, design, coding, quality assurance, and system delivery. In this course, a team of seven students used Scrum framework to evaluate Expo - universal application platform by creating a proof of concept for a Posti service.

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Student Team Used Service Design Tools to Produce new Ideas for Look and Functionality of Posti Head Office

Posti requested that Aalto's cross-disciplinary student team to take on the ‘Posti lobby’ project, as the premises owned by Posti at Postintaival 7 will in future require a new kind of flexibility and modern look. Posti and its sector will change significantly as services are digitalised.

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Mariia Maaranen - Internship at Posti

A year ago, Mariia Maaranen’s exchange studies were coming to end in Madrid and it was time to think what she would do back in Finland. Her studies in business administration were almost done at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and finding an internship was topical.

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