Posti as a Workplace

Tomorrow’s Posti is a modern delivery and fulfillment company. Parcels and material streams are now at the core of our business. We are a unique combination of best experts in their field, pioneering in data and technology, and high-volume network. We are more than the sum of our parts and that will make us a strong and interesting player. Our future and renewal is built by people who work at Posti. Welcome to join us!

Diversity is Our Strength

Diversity is one of our strengths, with employees from over 80 different countries in Finland alone. Posti has more than 21.000 employees with different educational and professional backgrounds in several countries in the Baltic Sea region. We believe that a diverse community of professionals promotes good work environment, innovation, and better service for our diverse customers.

Together we Create Posti of the Future

We have professionals who are willing to work together for the good of our customers. A positive attitude takes us far. We quickly take things forward because the changing world does not wait. We believe that change is an opportunity.

The Opportunities of a Large Company at Your Disposal

At Posti, you can enjoy the diverse possibilities that a large and rejuvenating company can offer. We are one of the largest employers in Finland. The transformation within Posti will give you a great opportunity to develop your own career and expertise through a wide range of tasks, development projects and training programs.

Your Wellbeing is Important to Us

We want to promote the comprehensive wellbeing of our employees in different life situations and at different stages of employment. In addition to preventive health care, we offer comprehensive medical services to all Posti employees. Posti also supports physical and cultural activities by providing employees Eazybreak’s cultural and sports benefits.

My Posti Experience

Our Customers - a Great Example of a Responsible Online Store

Finnish consumers are becoming more and more interested in sustainability issues. This has also had a strong impact on the operations of companies, as more sustainable trade requires responsible actions not only from the consumer, but also from the trader and the logistics operator.

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Muurla's Finnish Design is Growing Online

Cherishing sustainable, beautiful, and timeless Finnish design, Muurla opened its online store in the early 2010’s. However, 2020 was the breakthrough year of eCommerce, and Julia Uoti, the owner of Muurla, believes eCommerce will soon overtake the physical marketplaces.

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Posti Delivers Products of Kiilto Eco-Friendly All Around Finland

Known national Kiilto-Corporation wants to be future-committed environmental leader in its field. Responsibility is a principle, that reaches from manufacturing and service providing all the way to logistics.

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With the help of Posti, the A-lehdet Group’s Customer Data Stays Up-to-Date

Posti constantly updates the customer data in the A-lehdet Group’s customer register. Up-to-date customer data is a lifeblood for the magazine business.

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DNA Sends Over 20 Million Digital Invoices Annually

Digitalisation offers efficient and easy to use tools for sending invoices. This has also been noted by DNA, who sends over 80% of its invoices digitally by using Posti’s multi-channel invoicing solution.

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Kotipizza Makes Additional Sales with Coupon Offers of Postinen

Kotipizza has nearly 300 restaurants around the country. With Postinen print media Kotipizza reaches the entire nation comprehensively and regularly with direct offers. The results are shown as additional sales.

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