Transportation College

Transportation College organizes induction and professional education for employees working in transportation and in other services closely related to transportation. Training also incorporates the further professional education for professional validity in transportation as well as education resulting in a degree in transportation or service logistics. Induction and training in Transportation College is aimed at Posti’s and Posti’s partners’ employees. Posti Transportation College cooperates closely with schools and students in logistics. Matters related to training and articles of apprenticeships are also handled. We also cooperate closely with the best logistics operation partners and authorities from further professional education.

Training at Transportation College

Transportation College offers a large amount of possibilities for developing one’s professional capabilities within the current position. It is also possible to gain the necessary skills and qualifications in Transportation College to move on to a new position in one’s career. Training in Transportation College is always as practical as possible and close to you. Further education of drivers is part of the activities of Transportation College.
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Induction at Transportation College

At Posti, we want to be sure that all new employees receive a qualitative and comprehensive induction to their work. This ensures safe and meaningful work environment for all. We have a wide and competent network of work trainers and use modern induction tools.
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Parcel and eCommerce at Posti

Parcel and eCommerce at Posti

The parcel and eCommerce business is Posti’s fastest growing business area. In addition to domestic consumers, businesses and online stores, it serves large international online stores, transporting annually tens of millions of packages in Finland and the Baltic countries. The parcel and e-commerce business is investing in digital service development and boldly pursuing new growth paths, for example through open innovation and start-up collaboration. The parcel and eCommerce business provides an interesting perspective on an industry driven by sustainable development, digitalization and internationalization.

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Job Opportunities

Posti’s growing Parcel and eCommerce business offers job opportunities both in parcel sorting and in terminals as well as in driving. Also, management positions are available. There are several examples of employees who have moved from one job to another within Posti, for example starting in a terminal, then proceeding to drive a medium or large sized truck and later to e.g. drive large sized truck with trailer.

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Employee Benefits

Posti is a large and reliable employer. Also, the benefits of our employees are comprehensive. As an employee at Posti, you will enjoy good occupational health care, systematic induction and training as well as secure salary payments. Culture, sports and public transportation are all subsidized for Posti employees.

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Many Opportunities

Internship and Learning-on-the-Job

Posti actively supports internship opportunities for various tasks in the logistics industry. You can do your postgraduate transportation training at Posti in tens of locations in Finland. Students in the field of transportation are often employed in seasonal work during their studies.

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Cooperation with Educational Institutions

Posti Kuljetus Oy and Transportation College cooperate with different educational institutions in the field of transportation. If you are interested in apprenticeships, Bachelor's thesis, exhibition of Posti Kuljetus Oy at a recruitment event or educational institution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Trainings offered at Transportation College

Transportation College provides professional training for Posti Kuljetus Oy drivers and Posti’s partner’s drivers throughout Finland. This training is offered according to the current needs of the organization. The trainings are constantly further developed through digitalization and changes in customer needs.

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