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Tulevaisuuden Posti on moderni jakelu- ja logistiikkayhtiö. Posti on myös yksi Suomen suurimmista kesätyön tarjoajista: lähes kaksi tuhatta kesätyöntekijää ilahduttaa asiakkaitamme kesällä.
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Early Morning Deliverers, Capital Area

We are looking for hard-working and independent workers to reinforce Posti’s delivery team. In this job you get to affect several peoples’ lives by delivering the newspapers to their homes.Our Newspaper Deliverers work with a trolley, a bicycle or a car, depending on the delivery route.

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Postal Deliverers, Capital Area

We are looking for customer service-oriented deliverers across Finland. Because our deliverers serve nearly all Finnish households and companies every day, you will be the most visible part of Posti. The service job combines hard work and exercise with confidential and friendly customer relationships.

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Varhaisjakajia, Tampere

Jaettavina tuotteina on sanomalehtien ja mainosjakelutuotteiden lisäksi muun muassa osoitteellisia kirjeitä ja aikakauslehtiä. Oman auton tai pyörän käyttö työtehtävässä lasketaan eduksi ja siitä maksetaan korvaus. Osalla reiteistä on käytössä Postin kulkuvälineet. Työvälineenä toimii digitaalinen mobiilityökalu, joka ohjaa sinua reitilläsi.

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Account Manager

Account Managerina tulet vastaamaan koko Postipalveluiden tuoteportfolion myynnissä nimetyille asiakasyrityksille. Luot kannattavaa kasvua lyhyen ja pitkän aikavälin myyntitavoitteiden mukaisesti sekä vastaat oman sales funnelisi viikoittaisesta tuloksesta, kehittämisestä ja raportoinnista. Rakennat aktiivisesti Postin imagoa markkinoilla myyntityön ja arvolupauksen lunastamisen kautta.

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Head of Business Development

In this role you will be working as a team leader for our business development professionals. You and your team are the owners of parcel receiving experience to home, pickup points and to businesses. Your responsibility also covers Parcel and eCommerce customer onboarding and service management, the team lead reporting to you.

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Product Owner

We need a person who can understand clients’ needs and turn them into superior customer experience within our self-service channels. Your job is to create and maintain a vision with our business owners on how we maximize value to our B2B customers and what projects are driving this value. You also have your own product field responsibility where you will be responsible for our B2B self-service channels.

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Concept Manager, Parcel and eCommerce

As a Concept Manager you will be in the driver’s seat in developing new service concepts and collaborating with our customers through various channels. Your role will include improving our conceptual offering and making it more accessible to our corporate customers. You will work closely with our business and digital development, marketing, sales and design teams.

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Marketing Developer / Growth Hacker

In this role, your responsibility is to plan and implement digital marketing activities and optimize Posti’s customer journey in web. You do this by testing and optimizing the landing page experience and creating personalized journeys for target segments. You will optimize marketing productivity by connecting digital marketing activities with right web experience and journey.

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Zero Carbon Lead

Would you be our new Zero Carbon Lead to join our enthusiastic and growing Parcel and eCommerce Operations in Helsinki? In this role you will Lead Parcel and eCommerce initiatives related to our Zero Carbon targets and communicate our success story in achieving our ambitions inside and outside our organization.

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My Posti Experience

Whats Happening at Posti?

Digitally Transforming Finland's 380-year-old Postal Service for an Automated World

Posti, the oldest post office in Finland, still operates a very traditional service to customers across the Nordic, Russian, and Baltic regions. But with the need for physical post decreasing and the demand for online shopping and faster logistics increasing, the nearly 400-year-old organization had to evolve in order to offer a more superior service to its customers.

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Customer Focus and Ability to React to Constant Change

The postal sector is undergoing a historical change, and therefore a prerequisite for our existence is a determined reform, part of which is change in operating model. We are moving towards agile methods to be able to respond quickly and with high quality to constant change to better serve our customers.

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Delivering Food Supplies Safely without a Contact

You can utilise Posti's wide distribution network for various purposes. In Espoo, Posti produces street data for maintenance purposes for city of Espoo alongside its daily distribution services. Toni Korjus from Espoo says, that up-to-date street data and weather forecast together helps to target the maintenance actions accordingly.

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