Our Businesses and Customers

Posti is the leading postal and logistics service company in Finland. We take care of the smooth flow of our customers’ everyday lives and business by offering a wide range of postal, logistics, freight and e-commerce services. We have the most comprehensive service network in the country, serving approximately three million households and companies on weekdays. Posti serves every municipality in Finland, and we have over 1,900 service points. Our turnover in 2018 amounted to EUR 1,610.3 million, and we have about 22,000 employees. Posti operates in 10 countries.

Our Businesses

Parcel and eCommerce

The parcel and eCommerce business is Posti’s fastest growing business area. In addition to domestic consumers, businesses and online stores, it serves large international online stores, transporting annually tens of millions of packages in Finland and the Baltic countries. The parcel and e-commerce business is investing in digital service development and boldly pursuing new growth paths, for example through open innovation and start-up collaboration. The parcel and e-commerce business provides an interesting perspective on an industry driven by sustainable development, digitalisation and internationalization.

Postal Services

Personal handwritten card is still part of the Christmas and Valentine's Day traditions of millions of Finns. Over 8,000 postal employees ensure that not only cards, letters, magazines, but also valuable items are delivered from senders to recipients as agreed. In addition to traditional services, Postal Services offers a wide range of versatile and multichannel communications solutions to consumers, corporate customers and the public sector. Postal Services also provides comprehensive solutions for managing, sending and receiving invoices and documents electronically.


Transval is an in-house logistics company that serves its customers in industrial factory logistics and production services, warehousing and terminal services. In addition, Transval helps its customers to develop their own internal logistics, for example with Lean Six Sigma. Transval is the market leader in human resource services in the internal logistics sector. In total, Transval employs close to 5,000 logistics professionals.

Logistics Services

Together with selected partners, we provide our customers with responsible freight services as well as a transparent and efficient transportation and terminal network. We bring digital tools to our customers. Our goal is a digital transportation chain.

Home Services

Posti Home Services offers professional personal assistance and home care services. We support the independent and safe living of our clients in their own homes. Our work is diverse and responsible. We are a Finnish and reliable service provider offering diverse and developing services in dozens of municipalities all over Finland. We already have over 1000 professionals. Join our growing team – together we enable a good everyday life for our customers.

Itella Russia

Itella Russia provides warehousing and transportation services in Russia's most important economic areas. We are one of the leading players in 3PL warehousing and 3rd party logistics solution. The solution covers the entire supply chain from picking to packaging and storage. We have about 1,500 employees in Russia, more than 250,000 square meters of storage space in a total of 8 warehouses and our own transport equipment. Our clients are well-known international companies representing a wide range of industries, such as consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals and consumer products.

Aditro Logistics

Aditro Logistics is one of the leading contract logistics companies in Scandinavia. The company offers variety of logistics services such as warehousing, staffing and transportation services. Aditro Logistics has six warehouses in Sweden and one in Norway, which have total approximately 230 000 square meters of space. In 2019, the revenue was about 100 million euros and the company has 1,100 full-time employees.

International Opportunities


In Sweden we are operating under the names Posti Messaging and Posti Scandinavia. Posti Messaging helps organizations to digitize and automate their communication processes for all types of documents and messages. Posti Messaging handles millions of digital and physical document transactions and messages every month. Posti Scandinavia provides logistics services for companies, which want to deliver to Finland, including many eCommerce companies.


In Norway we are operating under the name Posti Messaging, which helps organizations digitize and automate their communication processes for all types of documents and messages. Posti Messaging handles millions of digital and physical document transactions and messages every month. With 500 employees in the Nordic region, we support over 3600 customers in Sweden, Norway and Finland.


In Estonia there are three Posti Group companies, employing in total about 500 employees. Itella Estonia OÜ provides road, maritime and air transport, complete storage logistics services to corporate customers, pick-up points, and courier and express transport services. Posti Messaging helps our customers with process automation by digitalization of invoicing and document handling processes. Posti Service Center (Itella Services OÜ) provides internal services for Posti's sales and customer service, finance, sourcing, HR, payroll process and IT areas.


In Latvia there are two Posti Group companies, employing total about 100 employees. Posti Messaging Latvia provides services for customers in the Nordics. Our talented teams also support Posti’s digital development and transformation: projects vary from different integrations, digitalization and support to software development. Itella Logistics provides a wide range of services starting from delivering small packages door to door, ending with exporting our customer shipments through air, sea and road internationally. We also offer our corporate customers complete storage logistics services and have recently opened our own Smartpost network.


In Poland we are operating under the name Posti Messaging, which helps organizations digitize and automate their communication processes for all types of documents and messages. Posti Messaging handles millions of digital and physical document transactions and messages every month. We support over 3600 customers in Sweden, Norway and Finland with 500 professionals, 70 of them are located in Poland. Our Polish team works closely with other Posti Messaging professionals in other countries.


In Lithuania we operate under the name Itella Lithuania, employing total about 100 employees. Itella Lithuania provides wide range of services which include road, maritime and air transport, warehousing, pick-up points and express transport services. Since 2020, Itella Lithuania opened a new Smartpost parcel lockers network and have recently started to offer Click & Collect service to over 4700 business clients.

Our Customers

Posti Delivers Online Parcels of Kierrätyskeskus Fast and Eco-Friendly

Kierrätyskeskus located in the capital area opened its online shop for recycled products in August 2015. Posti provides delivery services for customers of Kierrätyskeskus, and they can choose the delivery that suits them the best.

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Finnish Design Shop Keeps on Growing

Finnish Design Shop has conquered the world since it’s launching days in 2004. From the beginning, Posti has been flexible and agile logistics partner of this internationally known design shop.

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Posti Delivers Products of Kiilto Eco-Friendly All Around Finland

Known national Kiilto-Corporation wants to be future-committed environmental leader in its field. Responsibility is a principle, that reaches from manufacturing and service providing all the way to logistics.

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Children's Toy Catalog – Direct Marketing that is Looked Forward to

Did you think, that it is not worth investing in printed media in marketing? Think again! Children's Great Toy Catalog is a great example of impactful print product, that is looked forward to by many Finnish families.

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DNA Sends Over 20 Million Digital Invoices Annually

Digitalisation offers efficient and easy to use tools for sending invoices. This has also been noted by DNA, who sends over 80% of its invoices digitally by using Posti’s multi-channel invoicing solution.

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Delivering Biltema's Catalogue Boosts the Sales

Marketing truly has an impact: Biltema's doors are bustling and online shop is busy. Sales are growing significantly twice a year when the Biltema-catalogue is distributed and the seasonal sales are boosted with Postinen-media.

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