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Posti has a nearly 400-year-old history in Finland. Today we are the leading postal and logistics service company in the country, in terms of total net sales. Posti has the widest network coverage in Finland, and we visit around three million households and companies every weekday. Posti operates in eight countries but its operations focus on Finland, Baltic countries, and Russia. Our countries of operation are Finland, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. Posti’s net sales in 2020 was approximately EUR 1.6 billion and the adjusted operating result amounted to EUR 66,1 million. We serve our customers with about 21 000 professionals.

Our Businesses

Parcel and eCommerce

The parcel and eCommerce business is Posti’s fastest growing business area. In addition to domestic consumers, businesses and online stores, it serves large international online stores, transporting annually tens of millions of packages in Finland and the Baltic countries. The parcel and e-commerce business is investing in digital service development and boldly pursuing new growth paths, for example through open innovation and start-up collaboration. The parcel and e-commerce business provides an interesting perspective on an industry driven by sustainable development, digitalisation and internationalization.

Postal Services

Personal handwritten card is still part of the Christmas and Valentine's Day traditions of millions of Finns. Over 8,000 postal employees ensure that not only cards, letters, magazines, but also valuable items are delivered from senders to recipients as agreed. In addition to traditional services, Postal Services offers a wide range of versatile and multichannel communications solutions to consumers, corporate customers and the public sector. Postal Services also provides comprehensive solutions for managing, sending and receiving invoices and documents electronically.


Transval is an in-house logistics company that serves its customers in industrial factory logistics and production services, warehousing and terminal services. In addition, Transval helps its customers to develop their own internal logistics, for example with Lean Six Sigma. Transval is the market leader in human resource services in the internal logistics sector. In total, Transval employs close to 5,000 logistics professionals.

Logistics Services

Together with selected partners, we provide our customers with responsible freight services as well as a transparent and efficient transportation and terminal network. We bring digital tools to our customers. Our goal is a digital transportation chain.

Itella Russia

Itella Russia provides warehousing and transportation services in Russia's most important economic areas. We are one of the leading players in 3PL warehousing and 3rd party logistics solution. The solution covers the entire supply chain from picking to packaging and storage. We have about 1,500 employees in Russia, more than 250,000 square meters of storage space in a total of 8 warehouses and our own transport equipment. Our clients are well-known international companies representing a wide range of industries, such as consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals and consumer products.

Aditro Logistics

Aditro Logistics is one of the leading contract logistics companies in Scandinavia. The company offers variety of logistics services such as warehousing, staffing and transportation services. Aditro Logistics has six warehouses in Sweden and one in Norway, which have total approximately 230 000 square meters of space. In 2019, the revenue was about 100 million euros and the company has 1,100 full-time employees.

Our Customers

Weekendbee.fi - a Great Example of a Responsible Online Store

Finnish consumers are becoming more and more interested in sustainability issues. This has also had a strong impact on the operations of companies, as more sustainable trade requires responsible actions not only from the consumer, but also from the trader and the logistics operator.

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Muurla's Finnish Design is Growing Online

Cherishing sustainable, beautiful, and timeless Finnish design, Muurla opened its online store in the early 2010’s. However, 2020 was the breakthrough year of eCommerce, and Julia Uoti, the owner of Muurla, believes eCommerce will soon overtake the physical marketplaces.

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Posti Delivers Products of Kiilto Eco-Friendly All Around Finland

Known national Kiilto-Corporation wants to be future-committed environmental leader in its field. Responsibility is a principle, that reaches from manufacturing and service providing all the way to logistics.

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With the help of Posti, the A-lehdet Group’s Customer Data Stays Up-to-Date

Posti constantly updates the customer data in the A-lehdet Group’s customer register. Up-to-date customer data is a lifeblood for the magazine business.

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DNA Sends Over 20 Million Digital Invoices Annually

Digitalisation offers efficient and easy to use tools for sending invoices. This has also been noted by DNA, who sends over 80% of its invoices digitally by using Posti’s multi-channel invoicing solution.

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Kotipizza Makes Additional Sales with Coupon Offers of Postinen

Kotipizza has nearly 300 restaurants around the country. With Postinen print media Kotipizza reaches the entire nation comprehensively and regularly with direct offers. The results are shown as additional sales.

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