My Posti Experience

Goran Gjorgievski

Lead Software Developer

Happy employees, happy customers – that sums up Goran’s goal in his work as a Lead Software Developer. Possibility to learn and utilize the newest technologies in his work as well as seeing the success of his colleagues are the best things, says Goran.
Goran My Posti Experience

Goran works in Parcel and eCommerce business’s Development and Technology unit as a Lead Software Developer. He is a supervisor for front-end and back-end development teams and is also taking care of external consultants. In Goran’s daily work, he supports and helps all software developers. He is involved with recruiting new developers, on-boarding and assigning them to specific roles. He also promotes developer culture and takes care of people. “My job is to make sure that we keep an eye on the high-level architecture in all the services we have. At the same time, I support our people in whatever they need, it might be helping out, coaching or discussing for example. I would say that my role is to be everywhere at the same time. My job is done well when they don’t need me or they don’t notice I am not there”, Goran tells.

Goran’s work includes a lot of interacting with other people. All developers are working with different projects or products, called streams, which Goran is enabling and supporting with collaboration between them. The popular OmaPosti application is in the core of their work and every independent stream is related to OmaPosti app somehow. OmaPosti has more than one million active users each month and its most used functionality, delivery tracking, is being used more than 3 million times a month. Because all the streams are connected to each other, collaboration between streams and teams is super important.

“No matter in which team you are working or if you are an internal or external colleague, we are all working for the same goals in Posti and we can all learn something from each other. People here are super collaborative, skilled and professional”, says Goran.

Goran really enjoys his working environment and people around him. He says that people at Posti take responsibility and are self-driven and initiative. Goran says that you can’t even notice that you are working in a big organization. He tells that the organization is very flat, and everybody are treated equally. “My way of leading is not being better than others, control everything or to show people what to do. I support people and direct them to succeed in their work so that they can do all the great things that I can’t do. I focus on the people, their wellbeing and promoting nice culture and working environment. I believe that when people inside the company are happy, it leads to happy customers”, he says.

Goran says that for developer, Posti is a perfect environment to grow as a professional since there is always something new to learn thanks to different projects and streams. Also, Goran’s own technical skills are developing all the time while working and he tries to learn a lot of new things in many different areas. “Posti is a very modern working environment. What drives me the most, besides seeing our teams to be successful and happy in their work, is to work with the newest technologies. We like to test new things here and it’s cool when you read about some new technology and you can implement it to your own work. It may not be visible outside, but technology-wise we are one of the best companies in Finland because everything is top-notch and very updated. And that’s very motivational for me”, Goran sums up.

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