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Postal Service’s Employee Experience and Quality Management Team

The Postal Service’s Employee Experience and Quality Management Team develops operations, plans and supports the implementation of changes so that mail and parcels can be delivered smoothly throughout Finland. Although the team primarily supports the Postal Services business, there is extensive cooperation across business boundaries.
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Sanna Hännikkälä leads The Employee Experience and Quality Management Team which is responsible for leading strategic projects in Postal Services. These projects are grouped into value streams, from which Riikka Fredriksson leads the value stream of responsible transformation and Jarmo Ainasoja leads the value stream of future delivery networks. These teams work closely together: Jarmo’s team develops processes related to mail delivery and sorting, while Riikka’s team is responsible for making these changes as responsibly as possible.

In an organization undergoing change, processes are under continuous development. In this case, communication and awareness of future plans are particularly important. The changes are planned together to make transitions transparent and enhance the confidential atmosphere. Therefore, Riikka’s Employee Experience Team has a lot of communication tasks and for example putting values and leadership principles into practice.

“We have been working hard recently to get employees heard in changes. We open a discussion in the depot at the earliest possible stage, first with supervisors and then with employees to discuss why that change is being made, what it means, and on what schedule. There are always details that can be modified, for example, roles can often be customized, and the wishes of the employees taken into account. We want to have these discussions even more in the future. We don’t want the changes to come as surprises and given”, says Sanna.

The success of the team's work can be seen in the daily lives of both Posti employees and Finns. “Our work is successful when the employee has received proper orientation and the work is clearly planned and defined. Success is also reflected in the fact that employees have opportunities to make a difference and the feeling that they are considered in changes”, says Riikka. “And this is then reflected on the customer side as a high-quality and cost-effective delivery”, Jarmo from Quality Management Team continues.

The work requires close collaboration with various stakeholders. Posti is a large company with complex networks and interactions. Therefore, cooperation with both external and internal customers is important. Jarmo says that there is a lot of cooperation with external partners: “We work together with customers to be able to secure and guarantee transparency in our processes and produce data that they can utilize, for example, in their own quality review, or how our customer looks to the recipient. After all, we are the one who fulfills the promise, even though the end customer actually transacts with the publisher, for example”.

For almost 400 years, Posti has delivered things that matter to people. The things transported have changed over the years, but the responsibility for delivery has not. Sanna feels that dedication and professional pride are shown in Posti employees’ thoughts and actions: "That is the concrete purpose to which we go together". “Every item that passes through us matters. Whether it's a good or a printed message”, Jarmo continues. “I think that when we think about both employee experience and processes, it has a direct impact on the customer and his or her experience of our service. In this way, the customer gets what matters to him or her”, Riikka concludes.


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