My Posti Experience

Razieh Zare

Business Developer

From Trainee Program to Business Developer – Razieh Zare enjoys the most when she knows that her work is going to make customers’ life much easier. That’s why she finds her role as a Business Developer inspiring.

Razieh Zare works as a Business Developer in Posti’s Parcel and eCommerce business. She joined Posti through Unbox Your Potential Trainee Program in April 2020. She had worked with a school project related to OmaPosti application and went through the story of Posti. Also, before getting to know Posti as a company, she was into logistics, and when she realized that Posti could be an employer for an international student as well, she decided to apply for the Trainee program. Razieh did her thesis related to fulfillment challenges in marketplaces and while working with it, she got a position as Business Developer.

“As a Business Developer, I do service development for different customer needs. I mainly support inbound team, export team and Baltics for different service development. I also have done project planning and market insight studies for different projects”, Razieh says.

Her tasks involve interaction with different business teams to define the customer needs, plan the changes and actions, and make decisions on how to develop better customer experience. After that, they involve design team and technical teams to make the changes happen. What really motivates her, is when seeing and feeling the outcome of the work. She finds her work meaningful when it is going to make customers’ life much easier.

Razieh tells that the transformation of Posti is exciting but challenging, since there are lots of things you cannot be sure about. But when you succeed, it makes you want to do more transformation related, challenging tasks. There are five people in her team, and it’s a mix of developers and ICT experts. Razieh tells that this combination saves a lot of time creating efficiency and makes things more transparent. She likes that her work is both teamwork and independent work.

Transparency and supportive environment are highly appreciated by Razieh: “I feel that the transparency among different units is quite unique in such a big organization. Also, being more transparent and informative to our customers make big impacts on their lives. The high-quality service is something customer will always remember and make the customer loyal, and I see how all Posti employees are working together to make that happen. I love how the information flows between teams and individuals and how every employee’s feedback is valuable for Posti. Information and feedback are going to every direction”.

As a Business Developer there is a lot to learn, because development projects and challenges are unlimited. Also, Razieh sees that Posti really supports individuals to develop and grow by offering a wide range of different learning opportunities.

“I can’t even count the number of learning opportunities that I have had at Posti so far. I have for example joined the Innovation Lab, project management training and used virtual learning platforms to develop soft skills like emotional intelligence at work”, Razieh tells.

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