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A Thesis Gathered Experiences from the Introduction of High-Capacity Transport Vehicles at Posti

Tuomas Hietaranta, Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Tampere, completed his dissertation for Posti with the topic 'Freight Transport Company's Experiences with The Introduction of Longer Trailer Combinations'. Tuomas, whose studies were comprised of automation, logistics, traffic systems and industrial economics, saw an opportunity to produce a useful report for Posti's needs.
Tuomas Hietaranta urasivut

For Tuomas, who has been working at Posti as a driver and transport coordinator, the idea for the bachelor's thesis arose from his interest in high-capacity transport vehicles. With the change in the law that came into effect in January 2019, long HCT combination vehicles became part of normal traffic. Tuomas' commendable bachelor's thesis was topical for Posti's need to conduct an experience-based study on the introduction of the new vehicles.

As part of his thesis, Tuomas conducted a survey of the drivers of Posti's combination vehicles. The drivers made excellent suggestions for streamlining operations and improving working conditions. Tuomas thanks the drivers for their active participation and considers it useful to continue conducting similar surveys.

According to Tuomas, the thesis provided a good basis for learning transport coordination of line haul. “HCT combinations, an understanding of their technology and structure, compatibility, and control of combinations became, of course, familiar from the bachelor’s thesis,” he explains.

In the bachelor's thesis process, Tuomas was able to utilize Posti's large data sets. “The vehicle computers and the ERP systems used by the supervisors and transport coordinators store a huge amount of data and it took several weeks to learn to handle this amount of data at some level,” Tuomas describes his job, “I really appreciate the people responsible for managing this amount of data! You can't really blame much if a piece of software is sometimes out of order for a while.” Tuomas feels his data management and data collection skills improved considerably during the process.

Tuomas recommends that those interested contact Posti about a topic for a thesis. “You can find lots of ideas for a thesis topic in such a big company, regardless of your branch of study. If you are genuinely interested and motivated in your topic and collaboration with Posti, I see no obstacle to conducting your thesis. I was so warmly welcomed to do a bachelor's thesis that I can't help but give Posti an excellent grade,” Tuomas encourages students who are planning their dissertation.

The thesis process was a positive experience for Tuomas: “If or rather when I end up in a position where I can supervise a thesis process for students, I feel it is my duty. I want to pay my experience forward.”

With the aid of the experience, he gained from his bachelor's thesis, Tuomas will continue his work at Posti coordinating line haulage and freight traffic. From time to time he takes the wheel of a 34-foot HCT vehicle that was the subject of his thesis. There are also plans to do a master's thesis for Posti.

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