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Induction at Transportation College

At Posti, we want to be sure that all new employees receive a qualitative and comprehensive induction to their work. This ensures safe and meaningful work environment for all. We have a wide and competent network of work trainers and use modern induction tools.

Along with the manager, also a work trainer, work instructor or a mentor oversee the induction of a new employee.

Through Posti’s e-learning system, induction is always systematical and planned, including also online parts. Some areas of induction also take place during everyday work.

Well planned induction ensures that it is safe and meaningful for a new employee to start in the new position. The induction process is also followed-up on by the manager and work instructor.  

Tasks included in induction are often conducted individually but support and guidance are available. The online tasks can be accomplished either with one’s own device or with a device from the employerOnline inductions tasks include such common-for all areas as code of conduct with ethical instructionsData Safety training and training on how to use social media. Transportation specific induction courses include such tasks as handling of transportation units and understanding of the overall transportation process.

My Posti Experience

Louis Cothard

Louis Cothard enjoys his work as an Articulated Vehicle Driver, which is a responsible and interesting position. Louis drives throughout Finland to ensure that goods reach their recipients. Louis has been working with Posti since 2015, first as a Light Vehicle Driver, then for a year in consumer distribution and currently as an Articulated Vehicle Driver.

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Anne Partanen

Anne Partanen thinks it’s great to work for a company that’s a pioneer in its industry. Anne works as a Transportation Manager in Kuopio–Joensuu area. In the course of a long career with Posti, Anne has gained a bird’s eye view on Posti’s various activities and its impact on Finnish society.

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Tia Svinhufvud

Tia Svinhufvud is studying as a driver with Posti. Work as a driver interested Tia, and she heard that it would be possible to become a professional driver at Posti. An apprenticeship training partner, Keuda, was soon found from among Posti’s extensive collaboration network, so Tia was able to start her two-year course at a rapid pace.

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