My Posti Experience

Louis Cothard

Articulated Vehicle Driver

Safe Delivery of Goods and Post - Louis Cothard enjoys his work as an Articulated Vehicle Driver, which is a responsible and interesting position. Louis drives throughout Finland to ensure that goods reach their recipients.
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Louis has been working with Posti since 2015, first as a Light Vehicle Driver, then for a year in consumer distribution and currently as an Articulated Vehicle Driver. Obtaining his current post was a long-time goal for Louis, and when a position finally became available, he got his dream job.  

Louis makes deliveries throughout Finland, with cargo varying from newspapers to packages. Driving an articulated vehicle is responsible work, requiring close attention to safety and the condition of the vehicle.  

“I can make a big difference to safety issues in my work. For example, I don’t set off until the load is tied properly. In winter, you always need to check that the tires are in good condition for safe driving. I don’t want to end up in a ditch somewhere”, Louis says.   

Louis works in three shifts and is also keen on taking extra shifts when possible. It’s always possible to discuss extra shifts with his supervisor depending on his own life situation. Since the shifts often last 10 hours, employees get an extra day off, giving a longer break in the week.  

Work and Interests in the Same Package 

Louis had known for a long time that he wanted to drive an articulated lorry, as he has a keen interest in vehicles.  

“The best part of the job is the driving but working with large equipment is always interesting and exciting. Posti vehicles are new and in good condition, and when you have an interest in this sort of thing then the work is nice to do,” Louis says.  

He always gets to check out the latest vehicles up close, as Posti provides training in the use of new vehicles. Louis has participated in various types of trainings  as part of his paid work, of course.  

Although lorry driving is independent work, there is also a community of colleagues. There’s time to have a chat with colleagues when drivers meet in freight terminals and exchange freight. In this way, Louis gets to meet Posti colleagues from up and down the country. Often there are also other drivers at the service stations in their orange Posti uniforms, so there’s company for coffee. Louis is happy with his work community, and last year one of his colleagues organised a great Christmas party.  

Louis considers the role of Posti in Finnish society to be important, as it is a key part of the nationwide logistics chain. In addition to regular mail and newspapers, Posti carries goods ordered by companies and individual consumers the length and breadth of the country. The industry is diversifying and evolving all the time, but things will always need to be transported. Louis acknowledges the importance of his own role:  

“I get the goods to wherever they need to be. Without mepeople would be left without what they need”. 



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