My Posti Experience

Juho Juppala

14-year-old Juho got to know a trucker's everyday life at Posti

Eight-grader Juho Juppala came to Posti to get to know transportation and cargo handling during a week-long work introduction period. His goals were to follow the activities of a professional driver and the movement of goods as well as to learn new things.

“Juho contacted us proactively and asked if we could get to know the industry. We were impressed by his activity and interest in Posti,” says Patrik Lohman, Production Manager for Juho's internship.

Juho says he has been interested in trucks since he was a little boy. This love for trucks came from when Juho and his father went to various car shows. His father drove a truck in his time as well.

“I wish to someday drive a long combination truck one of those long routes somewhere in Norway. That would be great. But first, I have decided to attend and finish school, and only then is the time for these dreams,” this quick-witted student says.

I'm a Trucker

At Posti, Juho was introduced to a driver’s duties by driver Tero Rikkonen. According to Juho, Tero is a true professional driver who takes care of things as he should. Juho says Tero has given him various tasks, which he has enjoyed.

“Among other things, I have raised the feet and the transom of a container up, checked that the container is empty and undamaged. Also, I took care of the trailer light cables, compressed air brake hoses and abs brakes by connecting the hoses and cables between the tow truck and the trailer. I also loaded goods with pump carts into the car,” Juho lists.

In Juho's opinion, a good driver takes others into account in traffic and does his best in all circumstances and situations. He says he knows that a driver's work is sometimes physically demanding, but still finds the profession to be fascinating.

“1.5 years ago, I started photographing trucks. My pictures can be seen on Instagram, where I already have some 3600 followers. My account is called Truckpicturesfinland. I aim to publish one picture every day,” he goes on.

Juho is an example of how being active and driven you can reach your goals. We thank Juho for good and fruitful cooperation and wish him success in his studies. Hopefully we will see Juho soon again in Posti colours!


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