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Posti’s growing Parcel and eCommerce business offers job opportunities both in parcel sorting and in terminals as well as in driving. Also, management positions are available. There are several examples of employees who have moved from one job to another within Posti, for example starting in a terminal, then proceeding to drive a medium or large sized truck and later to e.g. drive large sized truck with trailer.
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We offer plenty of job opportunities in transport, terminal work and transport management positions. Various expert positions are also often offered. The jobs are located in about 30 locations around Finland. Posti's transport partners also have similar job opportunities. You can find all open positions here.

If you are looking for an internship opportunity related to your studies, you can send your inquiry to We will respond to messages as soon as possible, but due to the number of applications, there may be a delay in the responses. To ensure smooth processing, please include the following in your inquiry:

  1. I am applying for an internship in the logistics industry
  2. Refine what you are looking for:
    1. Terminal tasks
    2. Package sorting task (in the largest cities)
    3. Car driver - please state which vehicle class the training is for: B, C1, C or CE
    4. Warehouse and internal logistics tasks
    5. Management duties
    6. Planning tasks
    7. Else, what?
  3. In which city are you looking for a place
  4. When would the training start
  5. When would the internship end
  6. Do you already have experience in similar tasks
  7. What else would it be good for us to know about you!

Terminal & Parcel Sorting Worker

Terminal work is an important link in handling the customers’ orders. In this work it is important to deliver incoming and outgoing shipments smoothly and make electronic registrations of shipments to fulfill the customer promises. 

Parcel sorting tasks are available at our larger logistics terminals. The task is very popular also among students working part-time. Parcel sorting is suitable for a brisk and physical worker. Some employees also work as truck drivers. Modern shipment data loggers are commonly used in these tasks. 

Working hours vary by terminal. There are position available in many locations and at various times during the day and night. Both full-time and part-time contracts are used 


Delivery Van (Category B): 

  • Scheduled export and collection services for customers from transportation terminals 
  • Express parcel delivery 
  • Working hours usually between 6am to 9pm on weekdays, but weekend work may also be possible 

Medium Sized Truck (Category C1): 

  • Scheduled delivery and collection services for customers  
  • Express parcel and light transport unit delivery 
  • Working hours usually between 6am to 9pm on weekdays. Weekend work may also be possible 

Large Sized Truck (Category C) 

  • Transports between Postis terminals 
  • Scheduled delivery and collection services for customers  
  • Deliveries of transportation units 
  • Working hours are usually between 4am to 12pm on weekdays and weekends 

Large Sized Truck with Trailer (Category CE) 

  • Transports between Posti’s large distribution terminals in Finland 
  • Scheduled delivery and collection services for major customers 
  • Working hours are usually on night or day shiftsNormally you can return to your home after duty 

  • There are supervisor positions in Posti's logistic terminals around Finland

supervisor needs experience from the field of transportation. Hence a person usually proceeds to this position either from other transportation tasks. Both experience and insight from within Posti and from outside of the company are appreciated. Previous study or work experience in logistics or management is an advantageTransportation college also provides opportunities to study while working. 

In our management tasks we use modern digital tools for planning, executing and monitoring work. These tools and systems are being heavily invested in and digitized during the year 2020 to make them the best in the industry. Would you like to be part of this development? 

Posti’s warehousing tasks are part of Transval Oy services. Transval Academy organizes induction and professional training for warehouse work. Read more about Transval Academy here.

My Posti Experience

Louis Cothard

Louis Cothard enjoys his work as an Articulated Vehicle Driver, which is a responsible and interesting position. Louis drives throughout Finland to ensure that goods reach their recipients. Louis has been working with Posti since 2015, first as a Light Vehicle Driver, then for a year in consumer distribution and currently as an Articulated Vehicle Driver.

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Anne Partanen

From a Summer Job to Transportation Manager via Scenic Route - Anne Partanen thinks it’s great to work for a company that’s a pioneer in its industry. In the course of a long career with Posti, Anne has gained a bird’s eye view on Posti’s various activities and its impact on Finnish society.

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Juho Juppala

Eight-grader Juho Juppala came to Posti to get to know transportation and cargo handling during a week-long work introduction period. His goals were to follow the activities of a professional driver and the movement of goods as well as to learn new things. Juho says he has been interested in trucks since he was a little boy.

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