My Posti Experience

Matti Lehtonen

Driver, Sorter and Mail Deliverer

Working for Posti is like a dream job for Matti Lehtonen. In addition to the varied tasks, there is a good work community and a balance between work and leisure that has always allowed time for his own pursuits.

Matti Lehtonen’s role in Posti is a multi-faceted one. He works at the distribution centre in Pori, sorting and distributing the post, but he also transports export service products and makes food deliveries. The diversity of tasks brings a good amount of variety to his workdays.  

Matti first joined Posti as a summer worker way back in 1975. He followed in the footsteps of relatives, as his father and uncle were both Posti employees. Over the years, Matti has held a wide range of positions in the company.  

He began his permanent employment in the Pori post centre, doing everything that was available. He then worked in delivery, eventually taking on a supervisory role. He has also had time to work as a security guard at the main post office in Pori. When the post centre moved from Pori to Tampere, Matti started work as a sorter at the main post office in Pori and delivered the mail by car. He was also supervisor of a team in Ulvila. He has also completed a course in induction training at the main post office in Tampere. 

In Matti’s view, the transformations taking place in the world have been interesting to follow and have affected Posti employees positively. Tasks are more varied nowadays, as the range of tasks has expanded.  

“In addition to letters and parcels, employees also transport meals, for instance. Many types of operations are also carried out in the background, away from the public and from customers. Tasks are more diverse”, Matti says.   

Taking Work Home? No Thanks

Matti has enjoyed working with Posti from the beginning and says it has always suited him well. He has enjoyed his duties and has always done the job well, while also having time outside of work for his hobbies and other things. In this job, work is usually left in the workplace and does not need to be taken home.  

Working at Posti has been my dream job, because I have not had a single position here that I didn’t enjoy”, Matti says.  

He also has only good things to say about the atmosphere of the workplace. There has always been a good team spirit, and everyone does their best. The atmosphere has been so good, in fact, that shared sports activities have also been popular 

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