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Timo Nurmi

Senior Sustainability Communications Manager

The best thing about Timo’s work is being able to exchange thoughts and ideas with colleagues and find solutions to challenges. The desire to try something new made him jump into the journey of change of the renewing Posti in the spring of 2020.

Timo works as a Senior Sustainability Communications Manager in the Communications team, where his responsibilities include coordinating and building sustainability communications internally and externally. In practice, this means several meetings and discussions with people on a daily basis, as well as raising the topic of sustainability in different contexts.

Timo's goal is to make visible all the good that Posti does in terms of sustainability. He started his job at Posti in the spring of 2020 and the first thing on his to-do list is to raise awareness of sustainability among his colleagues, 22,000 Posti employees. “There are a lot of good things being done here and now we should just talk about them. My job is to bring up thoughts and meanings that already exist,” Timo sums up the core of his work.

Collaboration and Learning New Things

Working together with other people brings a lot of joy to Timo’s work. “I like being able to interact with people - to chat, to do and at best something new emerges. Posti has a smart and competent work community. A lot of things are being done here, and fast!” Timo says.

Although Timo already has a fairly long career, he is now working for a large company for the first time. Posti's ongoing transformation journey offers excellent opportunities for developing your own career and expertise, which Timo also knows. “I look forward to work with a wide variety of tasks and to learn something new. Among other things, I want to learn more about the big picture of sustainability in business”, says Timo.

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