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Tommi Kässi

Vice President, Sales, Postal Services

"University of change management", this is how Tommi Kässi, Vice President, Sales, Postal Services, describes his nearly 7-year career path at Posti, which is being built into a modern delivery and fulfilment company. Tommi's journey has revolved from strategy and IT management to business management and sales. He encourages people to be open to new challenges that enable a wide range of career paths.

In 2017, Tommi jumped into the world of logistics. His starting point at Posti was the Parcel Services business’ strategy team, which provided a wide-ranging orientation to our operations. Among other things, the task was to double the number of parcel lockers to a thousand, while developing the technology of the parcel lockers into its current form. Tommi became the IT Director of the Parcel, & eCommerce, Freight and Transval businesses at a time when Posti's IT was in the midst of changes, as the goal was to improve cooperation between business and IT. He warmly recommends IT jobs to anyone who wants to grow professionally.    

In Posti's business, however, Tommi likes concreteness: "It's interesting when the items Posti moves are physical products whose journey can be followed concretely. I often visit our operations to see how our customers' products move and how our entire process works. Understanding the big picture is also enhanced by our role as a consumer of our services." 

In 2020, Tommi started in the Parcel and eCommerce business as the Vice President of the Large Domestic Customers unit, while the covid pandemic was changing the e-commerce market. In summer 2023, he moved into Postal Services sales. Customer work combines expertise from everything before: technology, strategy, and team management.  

However, finding new challenges and succeeding in new jobs would not be possible without support. "Posti has a culture where both successes and failures are allowed. The working atmosphere is good, colleagues are nice, and everybody wants everyone to succeed." 

Career development has been supported by good supervisors who have encouraged Tommi, and with whom he has had open communication. Together with the supervisors, it has been possible to plan what could be the next step for both personal development and the company.  

"Posti is a workplace of opportunities. In addition to doing your job well, it's also important to be active. At Posti, you can build an interesting and versatile career path, if you have the courage to throw yourself in and keep an open mind. Posti's constantly and rapidly changing operating environment offers a higher education for change management that few companies can offer," Tommi sums up.   

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