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Jutta Immonen

Seasonal Employee

On December 2020 the Christmas season is running busier than ever. In the first week of December, Posti handled an all-time record number of parcels: 1.9 million parcels per week. Jutta Immonen, one of our thousands of seasonal employees all over Finland, has also noticed this in her work. The important job of the so-called Christmas Makers is to ensure that millions of Christmas parcels and cards find their way to the right destination.

Jutta works at the Posti Outlet on Kasarmitori in Helsinki. During her shifts, she hands over and receives domestic and international parcels of customers. In addition, she sells stamps, as well as receives and sends Christmas cards. Jutta has been a Christmas Maker also once before in the same position and has had a great time.

“It is nice to work as a Christmas Maker again! We have a good atmosphere here and everyone is really helpful. I immediately became part of the group”, Jutta rejoices.

Jutta started to work at the end of November and will be working until Christmas. She makes 6-8 hours’ morning and evening shifts, sometimes also on weekends. Jutta has just finished her studies and in addition to the Christmas seasons, she has occasionally done shifts alongside her studies. Posti has a lot of part-time employees who can work flexibly during and outside the peak seasons. Many of Jutta's colleagues also study at the same time and take shifts when it suits them.

Conveying the Joy of Christmas

During the Christmas season, a huge number of parcels move daily, and people come to pick them up at Posti Outlets usually after work. The evening shifts are busier than the morning shifts and that is why Jutta prefers them: “I like to do evening shifts, because then there is a nice bustle all the time. Shifts go really fast when there is a lot to do.” Jutta thinks the work stays interesting when new situations come up every day.

Jutta says that working as a Christmas Maker brings a real Christmas feeling to herself: “You feel very happy when you see people sending a lot of parcels and Christmas cards to their relatives and friends. In general, customers are in good mood and wish us Merry Christmas when they leave.” Jutta thinks it is wonderful that Finns send Christmas greetings to each other and remember their loved ones, and she is happy to ensure that the Christmas spirit reaches people all over Finland.

“It is important that people keep in touch and remember their loved ones, especially during the pandemic. I find it delightful to be able to help in that”, says Jutta.

Posti has prepared for the season by, among other things, opening 200 temporary pick-up points, introducing seven-day delivery and innovating new solutions, such as the delivery of a corona-safe package to the door for home delivery. The number of temporary pick-up points is constantly increasing, and new ones are opened as needed during the season. 2,500 Christmas helpers have also been hired for the season.

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