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Anna Ukkonen

Seasonal Employee

Posti Delivers Millions of Christmas Parcels on Time - Things really get moving fast, when the busiest season of the year begins at Posti’s service points. Posti employs thousands of seasonal employees, so called Christmas Makers, in sorting, distribution and transportation of mail and parcels throughout Finland, ensuring that millions of Christmas greetings and packages find their way to the right destination. Anna Ukkonen is one of them.

Anna works at the Arabia pick-up point in Helsinki, a pop-up point for picking up packages. This is Anna’s first time as a Christmas employee with Posti, and she has enjoyed the experience.  

“I like working at Posti, the managers and customers are nice, and the atmosphere is good. Although there is a very work-driven atmosphere, things are relaxed”, she says.  

Her shift starts in the afternoon and she arrives when morning shift employees finish their work. Tasks include keeping the pop-up point neat and tidy and shelving packages. We want to offer our customers a nice pop-up experience. 

The work lasts from the beginning of December until the first days of Christmas, after which Anna will focus on applying for a study place.  

Christmas Spirit for Customers throughout Finland 

Since Posti delivers more than one million parcels during the Christmas season, the temporary pickup points around Finland are essential. They ensure that each package reaches its recipients on time and conveniently. The Arabia point has also been kept busy. There is often a buzz at the point, but there are calmer moments as well.  

“Sometimes a lot of customers arrive all at once, and other times it’s completely quiet. The morning shifts are clearly quieter, as most customers come after work in the evenings”, she says. 

Anna's next big step in life is applying to college. She says she would be happy to return to Posti  the flexible work opportunities and seasonal work are well suited for students.  

Posti has a lot of part-time employees who can work flexibly during and outside busy seasonsFor young people, working with Posti offers the opportunity to work according to their life situation and to earn money alongside studies or preparing for entrance exams, for instance.   

There is always a special feeling of working under Christmasas an assistant for Santa. Posti has a great responsibility to ensure that all the packages and Christmas greetings arrive in time, and Christmas spirit reaches people all over Finland. At the pop-up pickup points, employees can also make sure that every customer receives a good Christmas spirit.   

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