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Benjamin Airava

Christmas Maker

It’s the busiest time of the year again at Posti, when millions of parcels and Christmas cards are sent during the Christmas season. Luckily, we have a house full of so-called Christmas Makers and one of them is Benjamin Airava. Benjamin joined Posti as a seasonal employee to work with customer service tasks. This year, too, Posti employs thousands of seasonal employees for Christmas all over Finland.
Benjamin Airava

Benjamin works as a seasonal employee at Box by Posti outlet in Helsinki. There are a total of six seasonal employees at Box now at Christmas time. Their tasks mainly include customer service and receiving parcels as well as sorting them into right lockers and shelves. Box’s 607 lockers are not enough for the peak season and thus there is also a special Christmas pick-up point open. Work is done during the season in three shifts: morning, day and evening. Benjamin says that it has been nice to learn how to open and close the outlet.

Benjamin is working at Posti for the first time. He started his job in mid-November and will be working until the end of December. Benjamin ran into Posti’s job posting while looking for seasonal work for the rest of the year before starting a student exchange in January as part of his studies. “I noticed Box’s advertisement and Posti’s values, as well as what Box as a concept wants to solve, appealed to me. For example, I am very interested in sustainability and that is why I decided to apply to Posti. I had visited Box once before and I was also impressed by the premises!” says Benjamin.

As part of his work, Benjamin has also had the opportunity to introduce Box’s premises and concept, and to tell customers about the future Posti. He has been given the opportunity to take responsibility from the team leaders and he gives an example: “Perhaps the coolest experience here has been when I got to be a translator for the French and Belgian delegations due to my language skills in French, when my supervisor gave them a tour here. I got to tell them how Box and logistics in Finland work. I have learned a lot about logistics in a short time!”

Colleagues and team leaders are praised by Benjamin: “The team has been quite magical! Everyone is so helpful and I have learned something from every colleague. My onboarding took place in practice by doing the job so that more experienced colleague showed example and we immediately got to do it ourselves and ask for advice in real work situations. The inductors were absolutely top notch!” Benjamin praises Box’s supervisors and their way of leading the team. They are also involved in the daily meeting of customers. Supervisors have been approachable all along and it has been easy to ask for advice.

Christmas is an important time for Posti. Benjamin says that Christmas is seen at Box as a growing number of customers and many parcels that customers open and wrap up at Box’s premises. Also, Christmas music and a Christmas tree remind of the busy season every day. Benjamin says customers have a Christmas spirit with them when they arrive. He has received good feedback from customers about his work and has repeatedly succeeded in exceeding customer expectations with his helpfulness, for example, by helping to carry a large parcel to customers vehicle. At Posti, the customer is at the center of everything and Benjamin has learned a lot about customer service from his colleagues.

“At the end of my employment, I have developed as a customer service representative, learned a lot about logistics and management, had the opportunity to take responsibility and develop my skills, and gained many great experiences. I would really like to work here again, for example as a summer employee. This work would also go well along with my studies. It’s great when your own and your employer’s values ​​meet. In addition, it has been great to do a work that has an impact and I feel like I can be a part of something bigger”, Benjamin sums up his work experience.


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