Transportation College

Cooperation with Educational Institutions

Posti and Transportation College cooperate with different educational institutions in the field of transportation.

osti wants to be and already is a preferred partner for educational institutions. Cooperation is promoted by providing opportunities for training, theses and apprenticeships in the field of transportation. 

The Transportation College cooperates nationally with professional educational institutions. Posti Transportation College provides opportunities for professional degree training to Posti’s current and new workers and partner employees. Typically, Posti’s own areas of ​​expertise can be found in training programs leading to a degree in transportation, service logistics or management.
Posti regularly attends various recruitment events and workdays. Collaboration is also done with a wide range of professionals within transportation to improve their professional skills. In addition to this, Posti and Transportation College regularly present themselves at educational institutions and arranges events in Posti’s locations. New ideas and requests for cooperation with educational institutions and professional training are warmly welcomed.

My Posti Experience

Louis Cothard

Louis Cothard enjoys his work as an Articulated Vehicle Driver, which is a responsible and interesting position. Louis drives throughout Finland to ensure that goods reach their recipients. Louis has been working with Posti since 2015, first as a Light Vehicle Driver, then for a year in consumer distribution and currently as an Articulated Vehicle Driver.

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Anne Partanen

From a Summer Job to Transportation Manager via Scenic Route - Anne Partanen thinks it’s great to work for a company that’s a pioneer in its industry. In the course of a long career with Posti, Anne has gained a bird’s eye view on Posti’s various activities and its impact on Finnish society.

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Juho Juppala

Eight-grader Juho Juppala came to Posti to get to know transportation and cargo handling during a week-long work introduction period. His goals were to follow the activities of a professional driver and the movement of goods as well as to learn new things. Juho says he has been interested in trucks since he was a little boy.

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