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The Pandemic does not Stop Professional Development –the Installation Driver Training Starts Remotely

The coronavirus threw a few obstacles at the installation driver training, but the studies finally got started in May. Eelis Keränen, who was chosen for the training, wanted to join because he sees the training as an interesting opportunity to develop his own professional skills.
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The Installation driver training is an  apprenticeship training for transport drivers at the Transportation College. The training leads to a professional qualification for drivers and took on a completely new form as a result of the pandemic that broke out in the spring. As there was no desire to discontinue the training, a new training plan was quickly drawn up with the partner school Keuda. The teaching started in the form of virtual and online course teaching in May. From the autumn onwards, classroom training will also be included in terms of customer service, installation and driving.

At Posti Kuljetus Oy, Eelis Keränen transports consignments of pick-up and delivery service customer in Ylivieska. He wanted to take part in the training because he sees it as an interesting opportunity to develop his own professional skills. At the same time, Eelis can utilize the skills he has previously learned.

“My current job is at Posti, so it feels natural to develop my own professional skills right here. In addition to learning something new myself, Posti also gets a more diverse employee to serve with more challenging tasks in the future,"
says Eelis.

“No One Can Take Learned Information from a Person”

More than 90% of the basic 140-hour studies of the driver's professional qualification are taken as online courses. E-learning environments and communication tools are used in education in many ways: Moodle, Webauto, Adobe Connect, Teams, WhatsApp. Other actual teaching, in addition to on-the-job learning, will continue to be organized as contact studies. In the spring, the curriculum with an emphasis on distance learning will be shown in the expectations of 28-year-old Eelis regarding future education.

“I am facing numbing sessions in front of a computer since the studies are remote and staring at the screen is not the most pleasant thing of all. But at the same time, I look forward to a challenging education where I learn something new that I can take advantage of both at work and in my life anyway. Learned information is something no one can take from another person,"
inches Eelis.

Elvis does not have to sit right in front of the screen, as he also acquires a C-driving license in the training, which naturally includes necessary driving lessons as contact instruction. After getting the C-driving license, a delivery van that currently serves as a work car can be replaced with a truck.

"It enables the delivery of heavier consignments, because the weight restrictions are not met in the car so quickly as the load capacity increases," Eelis says.

More Diverse Work Tasks Through Training

Thanks to the training, Eelis, who comes from Tornio, will diversify his current work.

“After the training, in addition to my previous work tasks, I can transport home appliances to customers and at the same time install them in place. So, after the training, I can serve customers in a more versatile way. In addition, if the employer needs it, I can also make cargo shifts, which I was not able to do before with just a B-driving license."

Eelis has previously studied a double degree as a plumber and student, and installation driver training is not likely to be the last learning experience either. He dreams of a permanent job and responsible tasks.

"In addition to work, it would be nice to train for something more whenever the situation arises. This way a permanent position would certainly be possible. Supervisory tasks have always  interested me, so if the opportunity arises, I’m not going to miss it,"
Eelis promises.

Posti Transport College offers plenty of opportunities to develop your own professional skills. The college organizes onboarding and vocational training of employees working in transportation as well we other closely related tasks. The training also covers further training for drivers' professional qualification and degree training in the transport sector and service logistics. Read more about Transportation College at

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