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Employee Benefits

Posti is a large and reliable employer. Also, the benefits of our employees are comprehensive. As an employee at Posti Kuljetus Oy, you will enjoy good occupational health care, systematic induction and training as well as secure salary payments. Culture, sports and public transportation are all subsidized for Posti employees.

Reliable Salary Payments 

Your salary for the work you are doing must be paid correctly and on time. At Posti, this is the case. Salaries come punctually and correctly, and the collective agreements are followed. Overtime and bonus payments also come reliably. Tens of Posti’s own payroll specialists make sure all salaries are paid professionally. Sports, culture and public transportation vouchers come on top of the salary.  

Good, New Equipment 

Posti’s drivers drive delivery vans, trucks or trucks with trailer which are less than five years old. As the vehicles, equipments and technology are constantly renewed, Posti and Transportation College are also investing in appropriate training for the drivers when new equipment is introduced.

Top of the Line Technology 

In addition to vehicles, other equipment must be in good condition as well. Posti invest heavily in renewing the technologies, systems and equipment in transportation and during 2020, Posti’s and partners’ drivers will have the best tools in the industry for customer service. Environmental awareness plays a large role in transportation as well and particularly in city centers, Posti develops completely new environmentally friendly delivery methods, such as electric cargo scooters. 

Summer or Winter - Feel Good - Feel Safe! 

Transportation is on the road, indoors and outdoors, in any weather. Thus, it is important that the employees have and wear appropriate protective clothing and shoes. Proper, functional workwear allows drivers to focus on the essentials – serving the customers. 

Diverse Work Tasks and Long Work Relationships 

Working at Posti is traditionally a long-term deal. Around Finland there are even families in which working as a driver at Posti has transitioned from one generation to the next. Why? Because Posti is a big employer which can be an advantage e.g. in times when life situations change.  

Health Care 

Posti's occupational health care partner is Mehiläinen Oy, which has plenty of offices throughout Finland. Remote receptions and mobile services through the OmaMehiläinen application also make things easier. There is a good cooperation between statutory inspections of transportation employees and other health care. 

My Posti Experience

Louis Cothard

Louis Cothard enjoys his work as an Articulated Vehicle Driver, which is a responsible and interesting position. Louis drives throughout Finland to ensure that goods reach their recipients. Louis has been working with Posti since 2015, first as a Light Vehicle Driver, then for a year in consumer distribution and currently as an Articulated Vehicle Driver.

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Matti Lehtonen

Working for Posti is like a dream job for Matti Lehtonen. In addition to the varied tasks, there is a good work community and a balance between work and leisure that has always allowed time for his own pursuits. Matti Lehtonen’s role in Posti is a multi-faceted one. He works at the distribution centre in Pori, sorting and distributing the post, but he also transports export service products and makes food deliveries. 

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Tia Svinhufvud

Tia Svinhufvud is studying as a driver with Posti. Work as a driver interested Tia, and she heard that it would be possible to become a professional driver at Posti. An apprenticeship training partner, Keuda, was soon found from among Posti’s extensive collaboration network, so Tia was able to start her two-year course at a rapid pace.

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