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Every year, more than 5,000 seasonal employees are hired by Posti. We offer several possibilities for flexible part-time work and full-day work, especially during holiday seasons.
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Do you want to work flexibly as you study during the holidays? Every year, more than 5,000 seasonal workers are employed by Posti, and their work input is very significant. We offer several possibilities for flexible part-time work and full-day work, especially during holiday seasons 

Summer and Christmas are the times of year when we employ most of our seasonal employees. Valentine’s Day and Easter are other times when extra pairs of hands are particularly needed. Positions are available in both mail and parcel sorting, distribution, transportation and customer service. Most of our seasonal employees work in postal services, such as sorting and distribution, but we also have young talents in expets positions.  

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My Posti Experience

Jutta Immonen

On December 2020 the Christmas season is running busier than ever. In the first week of December, Posti handled an all-time record number of parcels: 1.9 million parcels per week. Jutta Immonen, one of our thousands of seasonal employees all over Finland, has also noticed this in her work. The important job of the so-called Christmas Makers is to ensure that millions of Christmas parcels and cards find their way to the right destination.

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Lara Yildrim

Pleasant encounters with customers and the joy of being outside - Lara started working as a summer worker in May 2021 and is working at Posti for the first time. Also this summer, Posti employs more than 1000 summer workers in various positions throughout Finland.

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Anna Sampo

From Christmas worker to Sorting Manager – a place of many opportunities. According to Anna Sampo, the best thing about her job is when someone from her own team develops and succeeds in their work. Anna thinks that it’s never possible to be the perfect supervisor – one has to develop every day. Anna works as a Sorting Manager at the post centre in Helsinki.

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