My Posti Experience

Inka Touru

Product Manager

From Trainee Program to Expert in Digital Services - In Inka Touru’s work, the best moments are when a new solution is developed for a customer and is enthusiastically welcomed. Such experiences of success make work meaningful and stay in mind for a long time.
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Customers at the Heart of it All  

Inka Touru works as a Product Manager in Posti’s Data & Digital marketing unit. She joined Posti through a Trainee Program, during which she developed new products and services. After the end of the trainee period, her role was made permanent and she became responsible for the products she developed.  

“The job is very versatile. I support sales and I get to deal with customers a lot. Experiences of success come when we develop products based on customer’s feedback and find a solution that suits the customer’s needs”, Inka says.  

Her tasks include the commercialisation of online data and for example, the development of advertising spaces for the online moving and change of address notificationsAds allow customers to book all moving-related services in one place. Inka thinks that at best, relevant advertising is a service that can make life easier for customers.   

To the general public, Posti’s digital services are not yet as familiar as the more traditional postal services. The new Posti is being developed all the time, which is a great opportunity to surprise the public positively.  

“We provide new services to consumers and companiesBy creating something new we can do meaningful things that end up being used by customers and make life easier”, Inka adds.  

 Independent Work in a Great Team 

Inka’s work is very independent and flexible. The larger guidelines are agreed on with the manager and other product managers, but otherwise, Inka is responsible for her own work-related decisions. Work in Posti is agile and modern, which means flexibility in working hours and physical location. The most important thing is that the work is done and that commitments are kept. 

Inka praises Posti’s atmosphere and positive work community. Posti’s work culture involves sparring with colleagues and joining in the successes of others. Nobody is left behind, and help is always at hand when needed.  

“There's always someone to share ideas with, and nobody is left out. People are genuinely interested in your projects and colleagues want you to succeed”, Inka says.  

Posti has a major role in Finland and is involved in almost everyone's life in one way or another. Inka believes that by developing its digital services, Posti can play an even bigger role in making everyday life easier in the future. “If I had to mention one thing that inspires me in my work, it’s that I get the opportunity to create something new”. 

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