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Traineeships and on-the-job learnings are great opportunities to build on your work experience and working skills already before graduating.

Build Important Working Life Skills Already During Your Studies 
Are you interested in career in the fast-growing eCommerce and logistics industry? Internships and on-the-job trainings at Posti are great opportunities to build on your work experience and working life skills, as well as to establish relations in working life already during your studies. We offer several internships each year for both university students and young people in vocational schools.  
Internships are an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with Posti before graduation and develop working life skills in practice. We provide comprehensive induction, giving you immediate access to interesting jobs and projects supported by other Posti employees. It is important to us that you can build on your own expertise while challenging us with your fresh insights. 

Unfortunately at the moment we cannot take any Trainees due to the COVID-19 situation. You can find all our open Summer job positions here.

 Diverse On-the-Job Training Places for Vocational Students  

We offer young people in vocational education the opportunity to carry out on-the-job learning throughout Posti. Most of the on-the-job training places are targeted at logistics and transportation students. On-the-job learning and thesis work are always carried out together with a supportive instructor from the student's educational institution and a Posti instructor.  
If you know your local Posti contact person based on the educational partnership, you can send your application directly to him/her.

Find out how Tia became a lorry driver with Posti on an apprenticeship contract from My Posti Experience section below!

My Posti Experience

Inka Touru

In Inka Touru’s work, the best moments are when a new solution is developed for a customer and is enthusiastically welcomed. Such experiences of success make work meaningful and stay in mind for a long time. Inka Touru is a Product Manager in Posti’s Digital Commerce unit.

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Tia Svinhufvud

Tia Svinhufvud is studying as a driver with Posti. Work as a driver interested Tia, and she heard that it would be possible to become a professional driver at Posti. An apprenticeship training partner, Keuda, was soon found from among Posti’s extensive collaboration network, so Tia was able to start her two-year course at a rapid pace.

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Juho Paasonen

Juho Paasonen is responsible for promoting design thinking in Posti, and also promoting the desire to do business on people’s own terms. His team develops Posti's different channels with service design methods, with the goal of making people’s lives easier through a better customer experience. Paasonen is responsible for multi-channel service design across the entire company.

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