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Arttu Pentikäinen

Operational Manager, Transval

Openness to Challenges is the Key to Advising Your Career - Arttu Pentikäinen loves challenges and does his job as well as possible, without forgetting a positive attitude. With this simple recipe, he has always been able to move on to interesting new tasks and challenges.

Arttu works as a Operational Manager at Transval, where he is responsible for several units. The units focus on internal logistics and terminal operations and have a wide range of clients. In today’s world, goods move through terminals at a rapid pace. With ever-accelerating and evolving customer serviceterminals are open almost every day of the year.  

In this environment, it is essential for us to develop our own operations all the time. The industry constantly needs fresh ideas and new skills. By keeping up with these requirements, we can meet the changing needs of customers, Arttu says.  

Arttu’s work involves a wide range of management tasks. He makes sure that things are 
progressing as agreed and that information travels well in all directions within the company. The goal is to move for goods and packages as quickly as possible and to work according to company values and norms. Arttu is a good example of a modern-minded leader who takes a humane approach to his work.  

 “I try to motivate people through my own example and to act honestly and openly. When people are motivated and intent on doing their best, I want to help them succeed in any way I can”, Arttu says.  

Arttu himself has worked hard to advance and develop, and this is clearly reflected in his career path. Arttu started working at Helsinki Airport as a cargo handler in 2007. In the spring of 2011, he joined Transval as a Shift Manager, from where he went on to become Operations Manager in spring of 2015. That led him to his current position as Production Manager.  

According to Arttu, his interest and proactive attitude have helped him to advance in his career, and his enthusiasm has opened new doors and offered a wide range of possibilities. Arttu’s mindset entails taking care of every aspect of his work as well as possible and remaining open to new challenges.   

“In management positions, you can shape the content of your own work and put your own stamp on things. Management provide support when needed, and networks and sparring with colleagues have also been important to making progress in my career”, says Arttu.  

With a Systematic Approach Towards Goals 

Transval offers good opportunities for training. Arttu has completed variety of trainings during his career, and is currently studying business management alongside his work. He has learned from every position he has held.  

“In this work there are always many things going on at once and you need to be able to keep different things under control at the same time. If you want to get things done right, it’s important to be systematic” 

Arttu is satisfied with the Transval work community and feels that people in the company are genuinely valued. When considering his future, he sees many opportunities.   

“With the right attitude and energy, we can bring about the future we want. I believe that what Transval has achieved so far is just the tip of the iceberg, and I want to be involved in shaping the company’s future. Through effective collaboration, we can bring a great deal of added value to our customers”, Arttu concludes.  

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