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Posti is Accessible to Everyone

The members of the network management team talk warmly to each other, and they all praise the cooperation of this remote team. The collaboration of the geographically dispersed team is facilitated by modern tools and a confidential atmosphere where the friend is helped and there is a room for humor.
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The members of the network management team are wide-ranging professionals: Sirkka-Liisa Korpi works as a Regional Manager in Western Finland and oversees partner cooperation, Else-Maria Hursti is a Design Manager, taking care of matters such as layout planning of premises, and Vesa Kukkonen analyses the best locations for service points. Anu Björn works as a Team Lead, leading a team of 11 employees towards common goals.  

This team works throughout Finland to ensure that mail and parcels travel smoothly and reach customers as easily as possible. The team is considering the location of the service points based on residential centers and people flows, aiming to provide the best possible customer experience across the country. The teammates believe in the power of the grapevine to ensure that good customer experiences are shared.  

”Our job is to ensure that that the Posti network is broad and accessible to everyone, making things as convenient as possible”, Vesa says.  

The team members also see their roles important in the big picture. According to Else-Maria their job is to connect things and people to make everyday life easier. Also, the location promotes hassle-free operations and transactions. 

“People want postal services in their neighborhood, and as close to their home as possible”, Anu says. 

Posti is also investing in things that people are known to want and appreciate. An example of this is the award-winning OmaPosti self-service kiosk, where customers can contact customer support via a video if needed. This way, a person is connected to a self-service automation, and help is just a few clicks away.  

Remote Cooperation for Great Results 

Although the team is dispersed geographically throughout Finland, all the team members have praise for how well things work. Meetings are mainly held through Skype, colleagues can get help by phone or online, and the team also meets in person at a few joint events each year 

“We are very much a cohesive team, and it's easy to do the work, because there have been enough face-to-face meetings. In this team, nobody is left on their own  it's always easy to call and ask for help”, Sirkka-Liisa says.   

 Teamwork involves sparring and making decisions together, while everyone handles their own tasks as they see fit. Challenges are quickly addressed and solved together, and a critical perspective is also welcomed among this team.  

The best thing about the team is its good and confidential atmosphere. Everyone operates openly, and everything is based on trust and open discussion. Also, work is not done in an uptight atmosphere.  

“We know how to work with a little humor  we don't take things too seriously. Everything is done well, of coursebut we keep things straightforward”, Anu points out.   

There are also plenty of development and learning opportunities in the team. In addition to training and courses provided by Posti, the team members also learn a lot through their work and new projects. Lately Else-Maria led a large office space project this autumn in the centre of Helsinki, where she was responsible for multi-functional furnishing. The project allowed her to learn many new things, she says: 

"As the project progressed, I learnt about everything essential related to large spaces, and also about electrification, for instance”, she says.  

Special moments in the team are shared successes and the reaching of goals. When the project is completed  for example, when a new service point is opened  the team makes sure to celebrate. Lately there have also been other reasons for celebration, the team says. 

“The service point network was given the target of getting 500 new automated points up and running nationwide by the end of 2019. We reached this goal fully already in the summer, which was a real triumph for our team. Everyone deserves thanks for that, Anu says proudly.  

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